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My Purpose Story -- Why I started Pure by Faith Boutique?

Why I started Pure by Faith boutique Christian gifts apparel and jewelry
About 3 years before opening PbyF, I felt that God was telling me I'd be an entrepreneur.  I was working full-time in an industry that I love and figured that I'd open a business many years down the road that will be somehow connected to the industry or a closely related industry.  I thought it would be 10 to 15 years down the road.  In fact, I put it out of my mind because I knew it wasn't the time but over those 3 years I would ask God every now and then while in prayer to tell me more about what kind of business I should start...

Picky, picky little star -- Do you know who you are? Finding your identity in Christ.

Identity in Christ Blog image Christian blog title Picky Picky Little Star Finding you Identity in Christ Scriptures
"...Instead of responding, the twenty something year old me began to internalize their words.  Unfortunately, I actually began to believe or buy into their opinion about my identity.  I added "picky" to my invisible list of terms that describe me.  I'm cringing at the thought that I allowed people to speak into my life.  It wasn't until I came to Christ, years later, that I realized that -- they were wrong!  Once I began seeing myself through the eyes of God, I started to understand who God says I am.  This was no automatic happening.  It was a process. For me, it took several years..."

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