About Us - Our Story

About Us

Welcome to Pure by Faith Boutique!  An online Christian boutique that offers a variety of products that promote a lifestyle of purity and love for Jesus Christ.  Pure by Faith was conceptualized in 2016 during our owner's prayer time.  The vision is for these products to be worn to honor and glorify the Lord, his teachings and inspire discussion about his word.  

What you will find here:

-  Jewelry --Purity Rings, Christian Necklaces, and Bracelets

-  Faith and Scripture Based Necklaces & Bracelets

-  Mugs & Steel Tumblers (Coming Soon!)

-  Home Decor (Coming Soon!)


Our Story

Hi I'm Ursula. I am the owner and founder of Pure by Faith Boutique.  In 2016, I found myself seeking God's face trying to grow in my faith and get to know who he was and what he could possibly want with me.  My prayer life, fasting and worship increased that year.  It was during that time that God gave me the idea for Pure by Faith Boutique - a faith based online boutique which offers products that promote and celebrate a lifestyle of faith, obedience and purity in every season.  No matter if we are single, engaged, married or divorced, as God's chosen, we are called to be pure, set apart and holy.   

 What does it mean to be Pure by Faith?

Being Pure by Faith means that you have decided to live the lifestyle God called all of us to live and set yourself apart for the honor and glory of Christ Jesus.  Oftentimes, when we think of purity the first thing that comes to mind is sexual purity.   We believe in purity in every area of your life, in every season.  Being pure isn’t limited to just your sexual purity – but also purity of the mind (emotions), heart and soul.